• Top Travel Experiences In Rome You Shouldn't Miss!

    There are dream cities, there are destinations that top the bucket-lists and then there’s Rome. The eternal city is eternal for reasons more than one. As you traverse its beautiful boulevards dotted with petite cafes inflicting an aroma of freshly brewed coffee, you’ll be greeted with a friendly ‘Ciao’ from locals, inviting you to the city like you belong.


    The initial amazement presented by the city’s top sites like the Colosseum and the Vatican is then transformed into an admiration beyond comprehension. Which is why, you can never get bored of the city. The more you visit and indulge into the top experiences of Rome, you know you want to come over, again and again.


    Not everyone has a bunch of days to set aside for visiting Rome. Planning the visit to the city of Roma around its top activities can make sure you get a glimpse of it’s limitless offerings.


    We’ve curated a list of the best experiences in Rome that you should book for your vacation:

    1. Sites, Sights and Sightseeing


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    The monuments of Rome have been an epicentre of architecture, art, culture and history since time immemorial. Be it the majestic amphitheatre of Colosseum or the gigantic Pantheon, Roman sites are worth all your time. To name the top few, the Colosseum, the Roman forum, the Pantheon, Saint Peter’s Basilica and Vatican museums are the top sites to not miss. Furthermore, the attractions like Villa Borghese, Trevi Fountains and Spanish Steps should definitely be on your list of places to visit.


    To squeeze in so much, in a limited time can be overwhelming, since finding these place sans crowds is next to impossible. It is hence highly recommended to opt for sightseeing tours to ensure an insightful visit to these. You can book the skip-the-line-tickets at the prime spots to jump queues and save your precious vacation time. 


    Rome’s popularity with tourists has made sure the city has no dearth of sightseeing tours  like guided walking tours, segway tours, private tours and the good old hop-on-hop-off bus tours.


    You can check what suits you the best and book either of these for a hassle-free visit to the top sites.


    Explore the best sightseeing tours of Rome.

    2. The Roman Food Affair


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    Very few cuisines across the world are as popular as the Italian cuisine. Known for it subtle but outstanding flavours and simplicity, Italian food is as international as it can get. Rome, being the capital city also has a geographical advantage of being the centre point between the south and north. This has resulted into the city being a great place to devour the best of Italian food.


    Although pasta is best eaten at home and pizza best eaten in Naples, Rome is where you can not only eat good food but also go on an enjoyable journey of its creation. 


    To taste the best of Italian food, you can book Food tours that will take you through the journey of authentic Italian food with the tinge of Rome’s local variations. From Roman style pizza to Gelato,food tours in Rome is meant for people with huge appetites!  


    You can taste the breakfast special Pizza Bianca and learn how to make the best pasta from scratch. You can enjoy a wine tasting session and finish off with Tiramisu, options are endless! 


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    3. Rome like a local


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    While the sightseeing tours and excursions will take you to the highlights, the city has it own best-kept secrets that are often missed by the tourists. Rome is surrounded by seven hills, each of them having a plethora of historical and cultural significance, apart from great views.


    You can visit the hills of Rome like the Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill, take a ferry ride to Tiber Island, explore the local market at Piazza Testaccio or go to the beach! Spend an evening exploring the quaint neighbourhoods and drink water from the ancient taps known as ‘Nasoni’; do it all with the offbeat experiences and speciality tours of Rome.


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    4. Arts for the Artsy


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    Rome’s gazillion number of museums can keep an art lover hooked. From Michelangelo's masterpieces that adorn the walls of the Sistine Chapel to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Rome’s museums offer a treat to art lovers. The structures like Castel Sant'Angelo, the Piazza Venezia and dozens of fountains that exhibit beautiful sculptures, going on an art tour of Rome is one the best experiences offered in the city.


    The art of Rome is not limited to the museums and the monuments, the street art is equally interesting and can be visited with walking tours of Rome.


    Book culture and theme based tours in Rome 

    5. Day trips from Rome


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    While the city itself has bountiful attractions and places to visit, one can’t miss out on the striking towns and villages that are dotted around it. You can take a day trip to Amalfi coast, take a guided tour to the ruins of Pompeii or visit the colourful town of CInque Terre.


    You can book day trips from Rome and make the most of your quick visit!


    These experiences at Rome await, when are you planning a trip?